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We Are a public relations agency based in Budapest

Our aim is to provide focused, results-driven print, radio and TV media coverage.

To achieve this, we work closely with customers to develop strategies tailored to meet their needs. We have long-term relationships with journalists which we believe has contributed to our successful track record.

Where necessary, we create and run digital adverts, competitions and promotions on social media platforms such as Facebook, and post photographs and videos on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest.

We have a team of web developers who are fully up to date with Google’s new SEO rules. Website ratings are now being downgraded by Google as a result of these new rules. However, these problems can be resolved by rewriting sections of websites.

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About Our PR Team

The Time Is Now..

Our core business covers writing press releases, media coverage, social media, product launches, events, financial reporting, press release placement, celebrity endorsements, identifying and liaising with brand ambassadors, investor relations, corporate and internal communications, lead generation, crisis control, CSI, change management and company branding. We also provide TV, radio and print media training.

We want to hear what you’re saying about your brand, and if that is any different than your brand perception. We will walk through a series of questions to determine many important factors such as where your brand currently is and where you’re wanting to take your brand. This is a vital step in the branding process, and it’s pretty fun too!

NETVUE services cover print, radio, TV, online and digital media. As a media relations business, we still believe strongly in the importance of both mass and targeted advertising. It is important that marketing campaigns are cost-effective and reach the required audience at least cost. Unfortunately, print adverts do not always achieve this. Fortunately, many publications now have online news sites where cost-effective adverts can be placed.

The face of marketing has changed over the years with more options now available to marketers. While Radio, TV and Print remain important channels for marketing, online news services as well as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, QR Codes and LinkedIn provide additional options for marketing.