Public Relations

Is at the core
of everything we do

From messaging development, media relations and social media strategy to original content and video services.
  • • Grow and engage with your audience
  • • Amplify your social media efforts
  • • Get your content in front of the right audience
  • • Increase Word of Mouth

We begin any social media project with an audit to review your current social media platforms, company website, graphic and print collateral, and more because we can’t set goals and measure them without knowing where you are – and where you want to go. We want to understand what’s important to your audience and how they use social media.

Audiovisual Content

For The Masses...

We have a full-service creative and production team dedicated to handling the entire process of creating awesome video content.

  • • Concept development and creative strategy
  • • Copywriting and scripting
  • • Preproduction and casting
  • • Shooting and editing
  • • Custom animation and motion graphics
  • • Video campaign development
TV Interviews

Our team understands the importance of maintaining strong relations with mainstream TV producers and journalists, crafting briefs that are carefully written to address the appropriate targeted audience.

Press Conferences

Does your company or organisation have an announcement to make to the press? We will orchestrate a press briefing to best communicate your message to the appropriate target audience.

Product Launches

Utilising all available channels including online, print, radio, television and social media, we will launch your product through focused media channels and combine this with a focused digital campaign.

Content Marketing

We will create online content to complement your brand message across all digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. This can be integrated to a PR media strategy focused, on obtaining significant media coverage.

We formulate integrated, strategic plans

We do whatever it takes to help our clients reach their goals

We help you managing asset, provide financial advise. Leave money issue with us and focus on your core business.

Advance PR:

  • • Creative storytelling
  • • Strategic marketing, PR counselling and planning
  • • Media and influencer relations
  • • Speaking and awards programs

Crisis Comunications:

NETVUE works with your organization to prepare for a crisis before it happens, and with businesses that are unexpectedly faced with an event that can damage their reputation and profitability. You can protect your business's reputation by being prepared for a crisis before it happens. A crisis is any event that unexpectedly disrupts your business.

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